Ceiling: More than Meets the Profile.

Let others engage with your persona through AI-powered interactions, ensuring every conversation is insightful, and tailored to your professional journey.

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For Professionals

Welcome to Ceiling: The Evolution of Professional Networking

Sick of scrolling through 'humblebrags' and over-the-top career monologues? It's 2023, and there's a fresh way to showcase your professional self. At Ceiling, we're cutting through the clutter.

Minimalistic, Yet Mighty

Gone are the days of flaunting every tiny achievement. With Ceiling, you get a sleek, understated Wiki Card — a hint of who you are, leaving the curious wanting more.

Discreet, Yet Deep

Behind that minimalism is power. Our AI Chat is the sherpa guiding recruiters through the mountains of your achievements. They get a full tour, without you putting all your trophies in the front window.

Your Achievements, Your Terms

You've worked hard. But does everyone need to see your every move? Ceiling believes in celebrating wins with discretion. Share what you want, hide what you don't.

For Talent Recruiters

Discover Talent with Ceiling: Where Precision Meets Privacy

Tired of wading through the digital parade of exaggerated LinkedIn claims? Ready to connect with genuine talent without the unnecessary fanfare? Welcome to the future of talent acquisition. At Ceiling, we're shaking up the game, and here's how we’re doing it:

Efficient Pre-Screening

Our AI-enhanced chat interacts dynamically with candidate profiles, offering you deep insights before you even schedule a call. Say goodbye to countless preliminary interviews.

Richer than Static Profiles

Go beyond the usual. Ceiling’s interactive profiles offer a depth of understanding unparalleled by traditional career and networking platforms, revealing a candidate's nuances, strengths, and potential.

Time-Saving Interactions

No more coordinating for Zoom calls or telephonic conversations. Engage with potential candidates on-the-go, whenever, wherever.

Getting Started with Ceiling

Create Your True Professional Persona

Discover a refreshing take on professional connections. With Ceiling, you go beyond traditional profiles, embracing meaningful, AI-powered conversations. Here's how to begin:

Set Up Your Wiki Card: Craft a concise introduction of yourself. This is your digital handshake; make it count.

Activate the AI Chat Engine: Power up your profile with Ceiling Chat, letting others explore your expertise in-depth.

Get Discovered: Share your Ceiling Wiki Card on your resume, LinkedIn or directly with recruiters.

Engage & Connect: Respond to inquiries, build meaningful relationships and grow your network.